Are you innovative and creative? Join SASE’s first ever problem-solving workshop, also known as SASEhack.



  • Oct 10-11, 6pm-6pm, immediately after national conference



  • Excitement of creation and showcase your talent
  • Experience team-work dynamic (a valiable skillset that every employer seeks)

What’s the structure of the event?

  • Pre conference
    • Registrants will be asked to fill out a profile form
    • SASEhack organizers will form registrants into teams of 3-5 according to their skillsets and inform them about their team members 10/1/15 (If you have a preference of a team, please note when registering)
  • On the day of
    • We will kickoff the event with introductions and short workshops
    • Teams will begin hacking right after
    • All meals, water, coffee and tea will be provided to properly fuel the collaboration
    • We’ll also have a bunch of awesome tech on hand - 3D printers, wearable prototyping materials, arduinos, Intel Edisons, sensor kits. What teams create is theirs to keep
    • Teams will present their ideas before a panel of expert judges, who will award prizes for the most promising projects
  • Post conference
    • We will be hosting the project presentation online for showcasing


The Challenge Topic

Bring Data to Application or Application to the Data? - an IoT (Internet of Things) solution for Senior Healthcare @ Home.

The Hack

Provided by the organizer and sponsor:

  • Container technology workshop (Docker)

  • Repository of data

  • Cloud environment (AWS)

  • Intel Edison

  • Various sensors, wires, bread boards, electronics

Participants will:

  • Decide the best way to process the data (on or off board of hardware)

  • Establish a sensor network and do analytics in cloud using container technology

  • Code the processor and ship data


** We have 2 Docker instructors and 3 mentors provided by BAH and 3 confirmed judges from Houston tech community.



We will provide free food and drink for the duration of the event.  You are welcome to bring in food from the outside, but please clean up after yourself.




Workshop Instructor:

  • Michael Fernando


You must submit your project using DevPost by 3:30pm on Sunday. We recommend registering for DevPost early and assembling your team:

You will not be able to hook anything up to the presenting computer.  Your presentation, demo, etc. will have to live on the internet, and you have to provide a link through your DevPost submission.


Presenting your project:

Each team has 5 minutes to present their work.  There will be a hard stop at the end of 5 minutes.  

Your work must be accessible via the internet, and the link must be posted on DevPost.  Here are some ways that people present hackathon projects:

  • Through a presentation (upload it to SlideShare and add the link)
  • Through a screencast or video (there are lots of tools you can use, such as Quickcast)
  • Through a product demo

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,750 in prizes

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

You must register via NC registration site here in order to participate and select that you are attending SASEhack when the section appears.

Also, sign up for DevPost and register for this hackathon.


Jeff Reichman

Jeff Reichman
Principal at January Advisors

Philip Jackson

Philip Jackson
Lead Technology Evangelist at SoftLayer, an IBM Company

Suki Han

Suki Han
Senior Associate in Cyber Technologies @BAH

Deborah Mansfield

Deborah Mansfield
Director @ Houston Technology Center

Sandeep Dorawala

Sandeep Dorawala
Principal @ BAH

Chris Kacerguis

Chris Kacerguis
Senior lead software architect @ BAH

Judging Criteria

  • Progress
    How far did the team get? How close is the team for a finished solution? (prototype build) How many optional challenges are attempted/completed?
  • Relevance
    Is this solution truly workable in a real scenario?
  • Innovation
    How genuine is the solution? Is the thinking out of the box?
  • Presentation
    Did the team present their work in a compelling way? Was it easy to understand the project, the scope, and how far they got?

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